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Youは“ゆ”に行ったことある?? Enjoy Nostaljic SENTO in KAMAKURA

Youは“ゆ”に行ったことある?? Enjoy Nostaljic SENTO  in KAMAKURA

Have you ever been to SENTO??

SENTO in large baths like onsen (hot springs) and sento has long been a favorite pastime of the Japanese people.

A book ranking the best hot springs in the country was first published 300 years ago, so if you’re visiting Japan, the onsen and public bath culture is something you can’t miss.

SENTO have been used for many years in residential areas throughout Japan. Although the overall number of these public baths has decreased in recent years, those who want to soak in a large comfortable bath still prefer to visit their local sento.

こんにちは 銭湯はしご酒研究家 きむらです。古くから、多くの方に愛されてきた 銭湯や温泉。日本に来る海外の方にも是非とも、訪れていただきたい名所の一つです。僕のお薦めは、地元の方にも愛される銭湯を訪れるコト。今回は、鎌倉にある、「清水湯」さんを紹介させていただきます。

SHIMIZUYU Opened in 1955.


SHIMIZUYU is a public bath that first opened its doors in 1955. The current building was constructed about 55 years ago.