Hostel YUIGAHAMA + SOBA BAR | 鎌倉のホステル,ゲストハウス

Interior & Art

[2nd Floor]
藍色の間 / room-ai (double):5.0㎡
竹色の間 / room-take (twin):6.5㎡
茜色の間 / room-akane (double):7.7㎡
山吹色の間 / room-yamabuki (double):7.3㎡
藤色の間 / room-fuji (twin):8.6㎡

[1st Floor]
厨房 / kitchen:7.9㎡
ドミトリー / dormitory (8beds):11.1㎡

Kanae Ishii/Space Design
An interior stylist from Yokosuka.

①The shop curtain with a design of moon – a collaboration work with the indigo dye specialist in Fujisawa

②The original table made with old timbers found in Japanese antique furniture shop “Okaen”, Hayama

③The bench made with a plank and stones disposed at dismantled houses in Shonan area.

④The antique finished stools in Fukuya.

⑤A collection of chairs, tables, lights from all over Japan.

Kentarou Tanaka/Art Direction
An artist painter from Zushi

⑥The wall art at the entrance portraying the story of a camel and a wayfarer.

⑦The bed boards in the private rooms with collage works using the collection of tickets, accessories, etc. from all over the world.

⑧The mysterious symbol mark of the hostel “Arabian camel and the moon” that will make you imagine the beginning of an endless journey.

⑨The key rings of the private rooms made with painted wood chips and aluminum plates.

CALLAC/Construction and Design
Renovation specialists from Hayama.

⑩Eye catching reception counter made with wood blocks piled expressively one by one.

⑪The unique bar counter in Fukuya coated with cation painting decorated with gorgeously shaped tin plate.

⑫Flooring polished carefully with sandpapers to add the original touch to the old material.

hondaGREEN/Gardening Design
A gardener highly regarded for his simple and modern planting in many shops and houses in Kamakura.

⑬The planting designs produced the comfortable atmosphere at the entrance. The precious Kamakura stone is used for the bench in the garden.

Naonobu Fukui (Smith)/Graphic Design
An art designer from Zushi.

The hostel cards designed in the image of bookmarks or luggage tags that travel along with you.

ENJOYWORKS/Total Produce and Design
Contractor, realtor, and urban developer.

Enjoyworkds organized the team building among the professionals who gathered and contributed to the establishment of Hostel Yuigahama. Specialized in designing/renovation, and the management of planning and all the necessary procedures to open the hostel. The affiliated company Good Neighbors takes charge of the operation.