+ SOBA BAR「ふくや」


※15:00 – 18:00の時間帯は、そばのご提供はありません。


Cold Japanese soba noodles, Chinese chicken noodles, Dashi, and more.
You will relish the local specialties of Yamagata, the chef’s hometown, served with local sake and authentic dishes.

※Soba noodles are not served from 15:00 to 18:00.







7:30 – 10:00
朝食 / Breakfast
11:30 – 15:00
昼食 / Lunch
18:00 – 21:30(last order)
酒場 / Bar
※15:00 – 18:00の時間帯は、そばのご提供はありません。



朝食 / Breakfast

ふくやの朝定食 950yen


Morning Set at Fukuya 950yen

A set of farm-fresh rice from Yamagata and homemade miso soup with some seasonal side dishes of the day. Served with coffee or soba tea and the small bowl of soba tea pudding as dessert.


昼食 / Lunch

肉そば [日本蕎麦]



つったい肉そば 850yen
あっつい肉そば 850yen

Niku Soba -Buckwheat Noodles with Chicken-

Harmony of the thick buckwheat noodles and in the soup and the tasty roasted chicken as a topping.
Niku Soba in cold soup is very popular in Yamagata not only in summer but all through the year.

Tsuttai Niku Soba (Cold Soup)……850yen
Attsui Niku Soba(Hot Soup)……850yen


鳥中華 [中華麺]


つったい鳥中華 850yen
あっつい鳥中華 850yen

Tori Chuka -Chinese Noodles with Chicken-

Chinese noodles in the chicken based soup suited for Japanese taste brings the sweetness and richness in flavor. Roasted chicken, mitsuba(Japanese parsley), green onion, and chopped nori(dried seaweed) as toppings. Extraordinary taste originated in Japanese Soba restaurant. Tsuttai(cold) Tori Chuka is Fukuya’s original.

Tsuttai Tori Chuka(Cold Soup)……850yen
Attsui Tori Chuka(Hot Soup)…..850yen


だしそば [日本蕎麦]


山形のだしそば 900yen

Dashi Soba -Buckwheat Noodles with Dashi-

Yamagata dashi is a traditional cuisine in Yamagata, simply finely chopped seasonal vegetables, mainly cucumbers, eggplants, myoga, and okura with konbu(kelp) to add the sticky texture.

Cold Soba Topped with Yamagata Dashi……900yen


Side Menu


山形のだしごはん 400yen

Dashi Gohan – Rice Topped with Dashi……400yen


酒場 / Bar


Relish the local specialties of Yamagata with a wide selection of Japanese sake and appetizers. Noodles and rice menus are also served in the bar time.



玉こんにゃく 300yen
Jelly-like konnyaku is made from the startch of arum root. Cooked and served in hot dashi-based soup

ホタルイカ姿干し 400yen
Dried firefly squid grilled in the oven.

飛島名産しおから 400yen
Salted and fermented squid guts, a specialty of Tobishima.

なめこおろし 400yen
Nameko mushrooms served with grated daikon radish.

だだちゃ豆 500yen
Boiled soybeans(edamame).

だしやっこ 500yen
Cold tofu with dashi toppings.

ししとう塩昆布炒め 500yen
Green peppers stir-fried with salted seaweed(konbu).

親鶏の味噌焼き 600yen
Grilled chicken with miso.

親鶏のたれ焼き 600yen
Grilled chicken with sweet soy sauce.

山形牛つらみ 600yen
Smoked and boiled cheek meat of Yamagata beef.

※There are a lot more on the menu!



大山十水[特別純米] 700yen
Ooyama Tomizu (Special Pure Rice Sake)

山吹極[生酛純米無濾過原酒] 800yen
Yamabuki(Non-filtered Raw Unprocessed Sake)

一献山廃[特別純米] 800yen
Ikkon Yamahai (Special Pure Rice Sake)

住吉[特別純米] 800yen
Sumiyoshi(Special Pure Rice Sake)

あら玉[特別純米] 800yen
Aratama(Special Pure Rice Sake)

出羽桜 [純米吟醸無濾過原酒] 800yen
Dewazakura (Non-filtered Raw Unprocessed Sake)

東北泉[雄町純米特別限定酒] 900yen
Tohoku Izumi (Limited production made from Omachi Rice)

※There are a lot more on the menu!



生ビール 600yen
Draft Beer

ハートランド 500yen

蟻ぶどうソーダ(alcohol-free) 500yen
Grape Soda

山ぶどうソーダ(alcohol-free) 500yen
Wild Vine Soda

その他 米焼酎、蕎麦焼酎、梅酒など
Rice Shochu, Soba Shochu, Plum Wine, and more.




We accept reservations at the bar time. Please call and ask for more information.

TEL 0467-25-2227